Casa Vida Is The Most Effective Recovery Program!

Casa Vida de Salud

Casa Vida de Salud is our 37-bed, residential recovery center in Central El Paso.


Currently supported by grants from the State of Texas, Casa Vida provides peer-to-peer recovery support services on both a fee-for-service basis and by self-pay individuals. One state program is Access To Recovery, created for people involved in the criminal justice system. The other is a co-occurring state incentive grant which allows the Alliance to serve people with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders.

Services provided at Casa Vida include: recovery coaching, life skills groups, groups that provide education on the grave nature of the disease, recovery 101 classes, how to fit in to the recovery community, 12-step etiquette, spiritual support, transportation to recovery meetings and groups that enhance the unique cultural context of the US-Mexico border. All services at Casa Vida are available in English and Spanish. (Recently, signing has been included for persons who are deaf.)